Origins of Color: about

aboutimage1_originsofcolorAbout Kate

Kate has been fascinated with ancient cultures and distant places since she was a young child. She is a lover of adventure and cultivates a spirit of open curiosity; her enthusiasm for people and creative pursuits is infectious. She has a BFA from Carnegie Mellon and completed a four year training in Color based on the work of Goethe, Rudolf Steiner and Liane Collot D”Herbois. She is a practicing visual artist in the areas of painting, drawing and site specific installation. She has completed projects in Italy, India,Turkey and has done national site-specific projects for the Mattress Factory, PA, the Luminaria Festival, San Antonio and has won numerous awards for her work including a NYFA Artist Fellowship, two EcoArts Awards for installation work and a Dave Bown Project Award. Substance into Color and Origins of Color are her self-designed courses and workshops that explore the materials, the history and processes that unlock color from various animal, plant and mineral matter. She is deeply involved in issues of sustainability, presence and community in relation to artistic and creative work. She speaks italian and has spent more than 20 years traveling around Italy exploring and seeking out art and adventure.


About the trip:

This trip is a deep dive into the life of your senses and is inspired by D.H Lawrence’s Sketches of Etruscan Places which encourages a unique experiential approach to travel. Taking a small select group of people to the most beautiful and mysterious Etruscan and Roman sites will be an unforgettable experience. You will crawl around in ancient tumuli, bath in an emerald river, face a Maremman bull, eat world famous Neapolitan pizza, swim in the sunset, climb a volcano and wonder at the expressive paintings in the tombs of Tarquinia. To be travelers not tourists, to maintain a certain presence and openness to the environment and people will be encouraged and supported. Through your own experience and a sharpening of perception we will give attention to things as much as we take from them, coming away with a deeper sense of our place within the world and its cultures.