Substance Into Color

substanceintocolor500wSubstance into Color: Pigments and Painting

Feb. 3-March 30

Eight Wednesdays


$435 , $348 OHCA members

We are surrounded by color, but where does it come from?

How are minerals, plants, and animals transformed into glowing luminous color?

This is a hands-on workshop exploring medieval methods for extracting color from natural materials.

We will make pigments from the full spectrum of colors beginning with magenta and moving through carmine, orange, yellow through viridian and ultramarine blue, using substances such as cochineal, iris, gallnuts, eggshells and azurite.


The goal is to enrich our understanding of color and to create an active meditation on the substances that produce color and on the particular qualities of each hue.

Workshop is held in the beautiful O’Hanlon Center for the Arts nestled in the canyons of Mill Valley, CA

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