Origins Of Color: Etruscans And Romans July 12-21, 2017


Origins of Color:

Etruscans and Romans  

July 12 – 21  2017

 The adventure begins on the coast of Lazio in the area known as the Maremma. Hidden within the countryside and villages lie the ancient ruins of Etruria. Pre-dating Roman civilization by centuries and scattered throughout Central Italy, their arts and artifacts permeate the atmosphere and cultural life of Italy.

We will search for the tombs, frescos and sculpture using D.H. Lawrence’s Sketches of Etruscan Places as inspiration, using our own faculties of perception to glimpse their way of life.

After five days of Etruscan immersion, we leave the quiet open spaces for the bustling lively sounds of Napoli to explore the ancient Roman way of life, the deep presence of the volcano and the sea, and to immerse ourselves in famous Neapolitan street life.

The contrast and exploration of these two cultures and their use of color in particular, will bring participants into a lively and informed dialogue with the past and present. (see details/about for more info)